Higher education after Plus Two (Comp-Maths)

Plus two (Mathematics stream) where major subjects of study are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics or Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics is one of the most preferred courses after 10th standard. After two years of rigorous study, the biggest question that arises in a student’s mind is about the higher studies. The choice for higher study is a matter of concern for students as well as their parents. In this article, you can find some of the commonly available major career options available to you as a Plus two student of Mathematics stream.

Higher education after Plus Two (Bio-Maths)

Higher education opportunities for students, who had studied Biology stream during their plus two course, are not just limited to MBBS or BDS. This category of students have abundant opportunities to pursue a career that is well recognized and gives them various opportunities to research, examine and explore the different branches of Biology. Those who have studied Bio-Maths during their plus two days are not just limited to learn MBBS, BAMS or any other similar medical or para-medical course. This is a blog, which give basic idea about various courses an individual can choose after completion of his/her plus two course with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are the major subjects of study.

Higher education after Plus Two (Commerce)

Commerce is a popular stream among higher secondary students in India, which gives a number of career options for a student at graduation level. One of the major benefits for students with commerce background compared to Arts students is that they are eligible for both Commerce and Arts courses. In this blog, you will read about various career options for students with commerce as the major subject of study. Generally, commerce students are aware of only some courses after their twelfth standard. Apart from the conventional courses like BCom and BBA, there are ample number of opportunities for Commerce students.